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Why You Need to Apply

Now more than ever, digital skills training is a great way to open up new opportunities, and give yourself a better chance of enjoying a long, successful career in a digital-first world.

That’s why the government is investing £2.5 billion for the National Skills Fund through the Department for Education, and The Coders Guild is excited to announce that we’ll be a part of this programme.

Working in partnership with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA), we’re providing FREE training courses to help you gain valuable, relevant digital skills, and support you in realising your full potential for a brighter future.

We have a long list of businesses of all shapes and sizes across West Yorkshire who are actively looking to hire talented people like you through this programme, with the number of web and app developer jobs set to rise significantly in 2021.

In addition to direct access to those employers, participants on this course will also come away with:

  • Coaching in modern employability skills, and guidance through testing role-specific hiring processes
  • Invitations to employer engagement events, and help finding a job where you can use the testing skills you’ll have learned
  • A high-demand digital skill-set needed by XX% of employers, which is applicable across almost every industry and sector today

What You’ll Learn

Do you ever get frustrated using the web or apps? (We know we do!)

Do you use any assistive technologies?

Software testing is a fantastic way of learning how these things work, while teaching you the skills to improve these kinds of experiences for yourself and others.

Effective software testing and quality assurance are skill-sets which are in high demand among employers right now, and that demand is only set to continue rising in 2021 and beyond.

If you’re a curious person with good attention to detail, or have a process-driven way of thinking, this software testing course could be your first step on the path to a rewarding new career.

The need for talented software testers and digital quality assurance professionals is growing every day XX, and this programme will give you all the essential skills and knowledge you need to take that opportunity.

You don’t need any previous training, you don’t have to come from a technical background, you don’t even need any proven academic success. All you’ll need is to be comfortable using a computer, and willing to learn how to use new applications.

In the first part of this course you’ll learn what testing means and why it’s important, then you’ll gain practical experience and fundamental knowledge of best practices and common workflows.

Course Details

When will the boot camps run?

  • These boot camps will run between January 2021 and March 2021
  • Each boot camp lasts 12 weeks, and is part-time (roughly between 8 and 16 hours per week on average)

Where will they be held?

  • These boot camps will be delivered entirely remotely, to help you continue to learn and develop despite the restrictions of lockdown
  • We will hold a mixture of instructor-led seminars, interactive group training sessions, more general webinars, and work to do in your own time

How will you take part?

  • A mixture of teaching and training in small groups
  • Some work to be done in your own time
  • Challenge-based problem solving applicable in future jobs
  • Primarily self-driven learning for your own long-term benefit

What else will you learn?

  • In addition to employability skills, we’ll also provide help with job-specific interview preparation, real-world problem solving, and personal development
  • In other words, we’ll get you ready to land the job you’re looking for

Apply Here!

We know times are tough right now. But we can help you learn valuable new digital skills to allow you to discover exciting new career opportunities.

Register for this free digital skills training boot camp here.